Studying in Christian schools

Long-term Effects of Studying in Christian schools

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Spirituality is a sensitive subject for many people and especially the younger generations but it is a topic worth discussing. Look around you, and for many who have seen the world from different perspectives as regards to poverty, riches, sickness, immorality and even famine, Christianity does play a big role in keeping them sane. Because Christian schools are funded by churches who also have other activities to spend on from common coffers, many parents with kids in such schools still pay a pretty penny. How then does one know that their investment did not wash down the drain?

Look for the global worldview

Biblical principles never go out of style, in fact, they cut across religions, cultures, and borders. If you went to a Christian school, chances are that you were taught how to be empathetic to those around you, have compassion for those that are less fortunate and selflessness in times of lack. Part of the mission for most Christian schools is to mold students into individuals who stand out from a crowd for their discipline and honesty. As a parent, observe your son or daughter when interacting with siblings and friends and if you are able to identify goodness, kindness, patience, gentleness, love, joy and self-control, then their time at a Christian school was worthwhile.

Look for servant leadership

It is often said that bosses lead from the back whereas leaders lead from the front; this is the true definition of servant leadership. Most Christian schools insist that their curriculum is centered on instilling the values that Christ himself had. Well, there is no one that can be that perfect but just imagine this. A person goes to a Christian school and joins an institution where all officials are corrupt; will they comply. The majority would be haunted by their upbringing and even those who do would be haunted to death every time they engage in unlawful practices. You can tell how uneasy someone is when they are doing something that their heart and mind is against.

Look for excellence

The issue of respecting and honoring one’s parents is emphasized in all religions. Why? Parents are the closest human beings you will have in your life that will never turn against you but will know all your weaknesses and strengths from birth. In an effort to please their parents, students work hard at school no wonder one’s parents are called when one misbehaves at school. What about a student in a Christian school who has been taught of their responsibility to their parents? Their level of loyalty and commitment to seeing them happy is magnified and they will forever be on the straight and narrow.

In every society, some, even the best mold, fall short of expectations. Christian schools too have a success rate and compared to other schools, individuals that went through them stand out in society.