End of Tenancy Clean Service

When You Disagree With Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

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Dealing with an End of tenancy clean service is something that you will have to do once in a while in your life as a tenant. While many cleaning services are professional and courteous, some encounters with these cleaning services can prove to be very disagreeable. An end of tenancy cleaning service is supposed to make moving from one house to another a smoother experience.

In addition, to the stress of moving; packing and placing everything and everyone where they should be, you are supposed to leave your former dwellings in a habitable state. When this fails to happen, your landlord will simply refuse to release your tenancy deposit, which you might need badly to ease things financially. There are several reasons that would lead to a disagreement between you and end of tenancy cleaning services.

  • Incomplete work

The end of tenancy cleaning service fails to complete the work as you expected. There would be two reasons for this to happen; first, you did not agree on the scope of work to be done. The cleaners, being human, will go for the lightest load of work, and avoid difficult tasks like dusting the ceiling, or descaling the bathroom tub.

The other reason would be outright unprofessionalism from the cleaning service. They do a shoddy job and expect to be paid. The first reason is often the cause for incomplete work. There are tens of tasks to be done when cleaning a house from top to bottom. If you do not give a task list of what you need done, disagreements will happen.

  • You disagree on the price

Again, this often happens when there is no clear scope of work for the end of cleaning service. You will disagree with an invoice that feels overpriced. Another reason would be inflation of the invoice by hidden charges. In these days of stiff competition, some cleaning services will quote a low price then pump it up with a myriad of taxes, costs and charges that were not in the initial invoice.

  • The landlord disputes the work

A landlord has a right to dispute work that he thinks is shoddy and not up to the standards of his premises. A disputes will occur when you in turn ask the cleaning service to do a repeat job when you had initially passed it.

When a dispute occurs between you and cleaning services, you are faced with difficult choices. Pursuing the matter legally costs more than its worth in time and money. Paying up again is the alternative painful choice. The best way to avoid these agreements is to engage a professional end of tenancy cleaning service and look out for the above mistakes.