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Christian schools: are their Graduates Ready for the world?

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Among the many worries that parents with school-going children have is whether their kids will be well equipped to face the challenges of the world afterward. A parent can only do so much to impact their children’s future so the role of preparing kids for the world is left to schools. Depending on the education and social needs of an individual student, the decision on which schools to take children rests upon parents. Christian schools are becoming popular by the day but some parents feel that most operate under controlled environments that do not mimic the outside world. Are children who are products of Christian schools ready to face the world on their own? Let us analyze the needs of children;

As a parent, you must first be aware of what the real world is like. From here, think of a public school as a controlled environment where the knowledge and existence of God are completely ignored. Teachers and administrators of public schools actually believe and acknowledge God in their daily lives but deliberately refuse to share this with their students because of policy. On one hand, it is healthy to teach children that hard work pays but on the other hand, it is impossible to completely rule out the power of faith because we have all seen it at work in someone we know.

Think of a child as a plant being grown in a greenhouse. Well, at a tender age when their minds and bodies are weak, they must be protected, nurtured and nourished. Just like a plant, the more mature it becomes, the more ready it becomes to face outside elements without support. If a plant that was first grown in the greenhouse is transplanted to the open field without hardening it, chances of it dying are very high; same to children schooled under any system. Any systems, therefore, Christian or public, must be sensitive to the growth of children and tactfully expose them to the world in bits that they can adapt to them increase this gradually until they are totally independent.

All parents desire to see their children grow up to be responsible citizens but there is some level of harm in putting children from different backgrounds into the same school environment. As we all can attest to have witnessed, bad character easily corrupt good values compared to the reverse. The Christian school system tries to restrict the movement, thinking and value systems of children until they are old enough to choose for themselves. The public system, obviously focused on providing affordable education, allow children to have their freedom from an early age.

Knowing what the world today is like, are your children suited for the self-reliance of a public school education? There is no right or wrong system if your child is ready for it!