Tenancy cleaning costs

Why Your Tenancy Cleaning Costs Are High

Do you think that your tenancy cleaning costs on the price quote are too high? This is probably making you think that you would be better off doing DIY cleaning. While this is a tempting money-saving idea, it could turn out disastrous in the event that the landlord says the cleaning job is not up-to-standard. If this happens, your tenancy deposit will be withheld making your financial situation worse. It is better to stick with professional tenancy cleaning services on the job and avoid such a dispute. In case your tenancy cleaning costs are too high, there are some things you may be doing wrong.

You never searched properly

Sometimes you may need to move in a hurry, for example, when you have to report to a new job transfer. This could make you pick on the first cleaning service that looks capable of handling the cleaning job. While you may be in a hurry to leave, take time to call at least 3 different cleaning services to compare what they offer.

You never compared the price quotes

You will get varying prices for the same kind of work. This is expected in any industry. What you need are reasonable tenancy cleaning costs. Too cheap and there could be a catch. Maybe the cleaning service is new and inexperienced, or they hope to deploy the minimal resources on the job; unskilled workers, poor quality cleaning materials etc.

Do a simple Google search for ‘Tenancy cleaning services?’ Armed with the information you get on expected prices, collect 3-5 different price quotes. You will be in a better situation to negotiate and make an informed decision.

You never negotiated

You may think is just another cleaning job, but tenancy cleaning involves more than the usual general cleaning. The cleaners are erasing all traces that there was an occupant in the house so the cleaning is from ceiling to the floor. This will naturally cost you more. Learn to negotiate whatever price is quoted.

You never looked at the price quote carefully

This happens in many instances when you look at the figure at the bottom. Some unscrupulous cleaning companies hide charges in the fine print. This means that your final bill turns out higher than expected. You should look at the fine print and have the cleaning company commit that the price quoted is the final price.

You didn’t have a clear task list

Engaging a cleaning company without clear instructions opens up an opportunity for additional charges. The cleaning company will easily do a few other tasks and add them to the bill.

Tenancy cleaning costs need not be high. Take time to pick a cleaning service carefully and you will have reasonable costs.