Tenancy cleaning costs

Why Your Tenancy Cleaning Costs Are High

Do you think that your tenancy cleaning costs on the price quote are too high? This is probably making you think that you would be better off doing DIY cleaning. While this is a tempting money-saving idea, it could turn out disastrous in the event that the landlord says the cleaning job is not up-to-standard. If this happens, your tenancy deposit will be withheld making your financial situation worse. It is better to stick with professional tenancy cleaning services on the job and avoid such a dispute. In case your tenancy cleaning costs are too high, there are some things you may be doing wrong.

You never searched properly

Sometimes you may need to move in a hurry, for example, when you have to report to a new job transfer. This could make you pick on the first cleaning service that looks capable of handling the cleaning job. While you may be in a hurry to leave, take time to call at least 3 different cleaning services to compare what they offer.

You never compared the price quotes

You will get varying prices for the same kind of work. This is expected in any industry. What you need are reasonable tenancy cleaning costs. Too cheap and there could be a catch. Maybe the cleaning service is new and inexperienced, or they hope to deploy the minimal resources on the job; unskilled workers, poor quality cleaning materials etc.

Do a simple Google search for ‘Tenancy cleaning services?’ Armed with the information you get on expected prices, collect 3-5 different price quotes. You will be in a better situation to negotiate and make an informed decision.

You never negotiated

You may think is just another cleaning job, but tenancy cleaning involves more than the usual general cleaning. The cleaners are erasing all traces that there was an occupant in the house so the cleaning is from ceiling to the floor. This will naturally cost you more. Learn to negotiate whatever price is quoted.

You never looked at the price quote carefully

This happens in many instances when you look at the figure at the bottom. Some unscrupulous cleaning companies hide charges in the fine print. This means that your final bill turns out higher than expected. You should look at the fine print and have the cleaning company commit that the price quoted is the final price.

You didn’t have a clear task list

Engaging a cleaning company without clear instructions opens up an opportunity for additional charges. The cleaning company will easily do a few other tasks and add them to the bill.

Tenancy cleaning costs need not be high. Take time to pick a cleaning service carefully and you will have reasonable costs.

Christian schools

Christian schools: are their Graduates Ready for the world?

Among the many worries that parents with school-going children have is whether their kids will be well equipped to face the challenges of the world afterward. A parent can only do so much to impact their children’s future so the role of preparing kids for the world is left to schools. Depending on the education and social needs of an individual student, the decision on which schools to take children rests upon parents. Christian schools are becoming popular by the day but some parents feel that most operate under controlled environments that do not mimic the outside world. Are children who are products of Christian schools ready to face the world on their own? Let us analyze the needs of children;

As a parent, you must first be aware of what the real world is like. From here, think of a public school as a controlled environment where the knowledge and existence of God are completely ignored. Teachers and administrators of public schools actually believe and acknowledge God in their daily lives but deliberately refuse to share this with their students because of policy. On one hand, it is healthy to teach children that hard work pays but on the other hand, it is impossible to completely rule out the power of faith because we have all seen it at work in someone we know.

Think of a child as a plant being grown in a greenhouse. Well, at a tender age when their minds and bodies are weak, they must be protected, nurtured and nourished. Just like a plant, the more mature it becomes, the more ready it becomes to face outside elements without support. If a plant that was first grown in the greenhouse is transplanted to the open field without hardening it, chances of it dying are very high; same to children schooled under any system. Any systems, therefore, Christian or public, must be sensitive to the growth of children and tactfully expose them to the world in bits that they can adapt to them increase this gradually until they are totally independent.

All parents desire to see their children grow up to be responsible citizens but there is some level of harm in putting children from different backgrounds into the same school environment. As we all can attest to have witnessed, bad character easily corrupt good values compared to the reverse. The Christian school system tries to restrict the movement, thinking and value systems of children until they are old enough to choose for themselves. The public system, obviously focused on providing affordable education, allow children to have their freedom from an early age.

Knowing what the world today is like, are your children suited for the self-reliance of a public school education? There is no right or wrong system if your child is ready for it!

Studying in Christian schools

Long-term Effects of Studying in Christian schools

Spirituality is a sensitive subject for many people and especially the younger generations but it is a topic worth discussing. Look around you, and for many who have seen the world from different perspectives as regards to poverty, riches, sickness, immorality and even famine, Christianity does play a big role in keeping them sane. Because Christian schools are funded by churches who also have other activities to spend on from common coffers, many parents with kids in such schools still pay a pretty penny. How then does one know that their investment did not wash down the drain?

Look for the global worldview

Biblical principles never go out of style, in fact, they cut across religions, cultures, and borders. If you went to a Christian school, chances are that you were taught how to be empathetic to those around you, have compassion for those that are less fortunate and selflessness in times of lack. Part of the mission for most Christian schools is to mold students into individuals who stand out from a crowd for their discipline and honesty. As a parent, observe your son or daughter when interacting with siblings and friends and if you are able to identify goodness, kindness, patience, gentleness, love, joy and self-control, then their time at a Christian school was worthwhile.

Look for servant leadership

It is often said that bosses lead from the back whereas leaders lead from the front; this is the true definition of servant leadership. Most Christian schools insist that their curriculum is centered on instilling the values that Christ himself had. Well, there is no one that can be that perfect but just imagine this. A person goes to a Christian school and joins an institution where all officials are corrupt; will they comply. The majority would be haunted by their upbringing and even those who do would be haunted to death every time they engage in unlawful practices. You can tell how uneasy someone is when they are doing something that their heart and mind is against.

Look for excellence

The issue of respecting and honoring one’s parents is emphasized in all religions. Why? Parents are the closest human beings you will have in your life that will never turn against you but will know all your weaknesses and strengths from birth. In an effort to please their parents, students work hard at school no wonder one’s parents are called when one misbehaves at school. What about a student in a Christian school who has been taught of their responsibility to their parents? Their level of loyalty and commitment to seeing them happy is magnified and they will forever be on the straight and narrow.

In every society, some, even the best mold, fall short of expectations. Christian schools too have a success rate and compared to other schools, individuals that went through them stand out in society.